Who We Are

Centry is a dynamic company with a global footprint, yet deep local knowledge everywhere we operate. We provide services relating to compliance, investigation, cyber-security, data analysis, security risk management and training.

Our services are customizable to suit your unique needs and our professionals worldwide are dedicated to ensuring supporting you in achieving your business objectives. We don’t think there is any such thing as a “bad” place to do business. People have needs everywhere in the world, and there is always a market for what your business does somewhere outside of your country of origin. Our multi-national teams capably provide you with the secure environment to conduct your business even in places considered hostile. We specialize in giving you a secure environment to deliver your products or services anywhere in the world.

We are good at solving problems – we work by teaming up our experts to provide security solutions for you, and pride ourselves in developing long-term relationships with our clients to ensure that you succeed in everything that you do. Our success is dependent on yours.

We obtain, analyze, and provide you with information that relates to your counter-parties, customers, governments, and other stakeholders that you need to operate effectively. Most importantly, we provide services that are focused on you retaining the goodwill that your reputation as an ethical, socially responsible, and sustainable business requires.

Finally, our employees have extensive experience in working not only with Centry, but with global multinationals, corporate entities of every type, law enforcement, civil services, and intelligence services, as well as small/medium sized businesses. This gives us perspective in understanding your unique business needs.