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Travel Risk Management


Whether it is to attend a networking conference or to meet with a new client, people often travel for work. Here at Centry, we do it a lot.

Most of the time, these trips carry on as expected with maybe a small hiccup in conveniences here or there. But what happens when things go wrong? Any number of situations could arise with permanent consequences – does your organization have a plan for this?

Here are a few things your business should account for when sending employees abroad:

Political or Civil Unrest

It is important to stay afoot of the political happenings of your destination city and country, as it may offer insight to the wellbeing of the populace. In countries with great controversies, protests may occur in various forms and while some are peaceful, there are others that are met with violence. Notably of these, the Charlottesville protests that witnessed a car driving into a group of counter protestors and the police action in Spain responding to the Catalan independence vote.


Acts of terror remain an enduring threat as terrorists are increasingly finding different methods of attack. They often seek out ‘soft’ targets – that is, civilian events and places that will yield the highest casualties and psychological impact. These can be anything from high profile public events such as demonstrations, sporting contests, concerts, etc. to hotels, restaurants, schools, malls and places of public transport. Police in the U.K. released a video giving instructions to “run, hide, tell” in the event of a mass public attack, instructing to run first, hide if you cannot run to safety, and when you are safe ‘tell’ – that is, call the police.

Environmental Disasters

Prior to traveling, familiarize yourself with the weather patterns and environment of the destination season. Whether it is a hurricane, monsoon, tornado or earthquake, you should be knowledgeable of the disaster protocol to follow in the event of one of these circumstances.

Medical Preparation

Ensure that you have all of the proper vaccinations and have taken sufficient preventative measures for diseases that can be contracted abroad. Tapwater, for example, may not be sufficient to drink or strains of bacteria may be present that the locals have adapted to but you as a traveller have not.

Traffic Norms

An unsung risk whilst traveling abroad is that of failing to abide by the traffic norms of the destination country. This is not an issue if you are primarily being transported by a local driver, but understanding the traffic laws and pedestrian laws of the country is vital to ensuring safety in a vehicle. This can also extend to being a pedestrian around cars, where laws to protect pedestrians may not exist or drivers may disregard them.


It is helpful to be aware of what areas to avoid when traveling in cities to lower the risk of crime such as muggings or other attacks.

Centry Ltd. has solutions for journey management. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments, or visit us at our website for more information!


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