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Working for Centry takes you across the globe. Check out these updates from our professionals abroad!

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The cholera outbreak in Yemen marked a grim milestone on July 10th, as the International Committee of the Red Cross announced there are now more than 300,000 suspected cases of the disease in the country.


Given wide-ranging authority by the Trump-Administrated White House to determine its own course of action, the Pentagon is now considering troop levels in Afghanistan. But as the U.S. administration decides on a military strategy, the last 16 years have shown that Washington cannot rely solely on its troops to secure the Afghan state or stop groups like the Taliban from using the country as a base for attacks against the West.


At least 123 members of Venezuela’s armed forces have been detained since anti-government unrest began in April on charges ranging from treason and rebellion to theft and desertion, according to military documents seen by Reuters.

The list of detainees, which includes officers as well as servicemen from the lower ranks of the army, navy, air force and National Guard, provided the clearest picture to date of dissatisfaction and dissent within Venezuela’s roughly 150,000-strong military.


Turkey’s main opposition leader told a huge protest rally on July 9th that the country was living under dictatorship and pledged to keep challenging the crackdown launched by the authorities after last year’s failed military coup.


India has expanded its anti-terror and de-radicalization partnership with the Philippines, which is battling a three-week siege by Islamic State-affiliated militants in the city of Marawi, about 800 km south of capital Manila.   As part of the move, the BJP-led government has rushed a financial assistance of $500,000 for rehabilitation of Marawi citizens, who are mainly Muslims. India is currently conducting cyber security training with a special emphasis on de-radicalization for the Philippine security personnel.


Algeria National People’s Army is ranked 24th among the most powerful armies in the world, in the Global Firepower magazine, which specializes in defense affairs. It’s ranked 3rd among Arab armies, just after the Saudi and Egyptian armies. Here the Algerian National People’s Army is photographed with a confiscated weapons cache.


While retaking the last blocks of Mosul, the Iraqi military happened upon piles of discarded hair. Many ISIS fighters had shaved their beards and disappeared back into the community.

Whilst the battle for Mosul is over, Iraq’s future is far from clear.

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